Metal Standard Corp.

...since 1945, the Standard in Manufacturing Excellence

OEM metal fabrication serving the

Furniture  •  Medical  • Educational


raw  •  powder coated  • plated

Our State of the Art Services

We specialize in high volume welded tubular steel and wire formed products.

Tube & Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

Tube Bending & Wire Forming

Precision Robotic Welding


Highest Quality Tubular Steel, Sheet Metal and Spooled Wire

Our raw material suppliers are certified to provide the highest quality materials made to our exacting specifications.

We are an OEM of

metal fabricated products


raw • powder coated • plated

Quality Assurance and Weld Testing Laboratory

We maintain a state of the art Weld Testing Laboratory

- testing weld penetration and strength.  Our quality assurance team uses CMM, VMM and Faro-Arm laser equipment to precisely measure and guarantee accuracy to your specifications.